Building a brand identity to fit our growth

Our core purpose at Nuvalaw is to change the way industry resolves claims, helping build a more collaborative and profitable insurance ecosystem. As Nuvalaw moves into its next phase of growth, we realised it was time to refresh our brand so that it better represents that purpose, and what we stand for as a company. 

The process of creating a visual brand identity starts with an introspective look at who you are, where you've come from, and what your goals are. Looking at your brand opens up conversations about every aspect of your business, from what it is that really sets you apart from competitors, to what your ultimate vision is for the future. 

In digging deeper into the values that guide this process, we found ourselves returning to three principles that are core to our business: the innovation that we constantly strive for in our thinking and our products, the simplicity of our product and process, and the collaboration we promote between ourselves and clients to create products that not only work well, but make their work more pleasurable. We reflected that each of these values is crucial in realising our vision of single-click claim resolution. 

We wanted to make sure that these brand values were at the core of our new brand identity, and we wanted Nuvalaw to be a brand that stands out and inspires confidence every time it's seen - so we made some changes.

We decided to create a tagline: Resolve to lead. The phrase is short, simple, and emphatic. It enjoins us to be resolute, to choose to lead, and hints that leadership in the insurance space relies on a simpler, more collaborative approach—on resolution, not conflict.

To reflect these values and this tone, we've introduced a new sans-serif typeface. We've refreshed the colour palette too by adding blue and a new shade of green to the main logo—a gesture toward business renewal, growth and transformation in insurance ecosystems.

The new blue and green logo is formed around a negative area reminiscent of a capital 'N' that signifies simplicity and flow, something we build into our products. It is also the 'nu' of 'Nuvalaw' overlaid, resolving two separate interlocking elements into a single unified shape, much as our platform helps parties resolve disputed claims through smooth, structured negotiation and arbitration.

Overall, we wanted something that was understated but not forgettable, with just enough distinction from previous iterations to stand out and tell the world who we are - and we think this design does just that. 

Having refined our vision and refreshed our visual brand identity, we set about developing a brand tone of voice that is focused, friendly, and approachable – so when you visit our site or read communications from us, you know who we are without being told.

We designed our new website to be clean and concise, and made it easier for our audiences to engage with us and to access the information that matters most to them.

All our communications were reassessed – email signatures, social media channels, company literature, brochures, and investment communications – to make sure they are all working to tell our story.

It's been a long process, and one that is ongoing as we roll out changes across channels, but we’re proud of the results and excited for the future as we enter this new phase in our growth.