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Exactly what you want

“Nuvalaw is exactly what you want in a partner firm: collaborative, innovative and proactive with a ‘can do’ approach and with the delivery of tangible and measurable benefits to both our business and to our customers.".

Stuart Hanley, Head ofLegal Practice, Minster Law

The Nuvalaw process

Resolving claims can be a time-consuming, unstructured process. When a claim is disputed, the process complexity and cost skyrockets, and everyone involved gets buried in admin.

From the beginning, we knew that the problem was not only with the tools available, but with the process itself. That’s why we started by building the Nuvalaw Protocol, a set of rules that reimagines the claim lifecycle with resolution as the primary goal, right from the word go.

You can think of the protocol like the rules of football: something to help you know what is allowed, what must happen when, and how long things can go on for before the whistle is blown.

In this way, insurers, claimant law firms, and third party administrators can regain control of the claims resolution process, resolving claims in a couple of days, rather than a couple of hundred waiting for a court date (±400 since Covid-19 struck).

Our platform provides the tools, data, and insights that keep everyone working collaboratively, on time, with a single shared objective—resolving the claim.

Keep all your work in one place

Your claims teams have it hard enough without also having to figure out the rules and workings of yet another claims portal.

Our view? Why split things up when you can draw it all together and intelligently manage claims using the same tried and tested protocol?

We integrate with your claims management system so that you can resolve all your Claims Portal or Official Injury Claim (OIC) claims in one place, simply and intuitively.

High value claims can also be resolved using the Nuvalaw platform. It’s a question of preferences.

Want to take a claim back to the Claims Portal or OIC after working on it with Nuvalaw? No problem. Claims flow either way. (With that said, in our experience, you probably won’t want to go back to using the portals after you’ve used the Nuvalaw platform.)

Trust, built into the platform

We all need to be sure arbitration awards provide the same quality of outcome that you would get in court.

That is why we have developed, with Trust Arbitration, dedicated protocols for independent arbitration.

Trust Arbitration’s quality assurance framework delivers awards which are not only  impartial but also significantly quicker and more consistent than court awards. Key to this is the quality of the arbitrators who are all lawyers with regular judicial experience of personal injury claims.

For complex cases, online hearings offer an equivalent alternative to in-person court hearings.

Quality assured outcomes, infinitely simpler process.

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