Simpler process, lower cost, better outcomes

Nuvalaw is a neutral, data-driven platform designed to help insurers, claimant law firms, and third-party administrators regain control of the claims resolution process. Our platform promotes efficient and collaborative work and facilitates quick, fair, and cost-effective dispute resolutions with reliable outcomes.

Expert neutrals, one seamless process

At Nuvalaw, we believe in the power of experience and expertise. That's why we were pioneers in partnering with arbitration providers that utilize retired judges and industry experts as neutrals in our dispute resolution process. We ensure that our partners share our commitment to excellence and integrity.

Trust Arbitration (UK) and Resolute Systems (USA) each bring a wealth of knowledge from their years in the insurance and personal injury sectors, ensuring a fair and efficient resolution for all parties involved. Arbitrators that work with Nuvalaw must have significant experience in arbitrating, though exceptions may be made for professionals who have a particularly high level of expertise within certain areas of insurance and personal injury.

By leveraging the expertise of our partnered neutrals, we strive to deliver a dispute resolution process that is not only fair and efficient, but also tailored to the unique needs of the insurance and personal injury sectors.

Exactly what you want

“Nuvalaw is exactly what you want in a partner firm: collaborative, innovative and proactive with a ‘can do’ approach and with the delivery of tangible and measurable benefits to both our business and to our customers.".

Stuart Hanley, Head of Legal Practice, Minster Law

The Nuvalaw process

Inter-party claims resolution can be a complex, lengthy, and costly process, especially when disputes arise. Nuvalaw addresses this challenge with a unique solution: the Nuvalaw Protocol.

This protocol introduces a pre-agreed set of rules that clearly define each step in the resolution process, each with a specific maximum duration. This structure transforms the traditionally chaotic process into a streamlined, predictable, and manageable one.

The Nuvalaw approach offers significant advantages. The protocol-led process eliminates uncertainty, reduces overhead, and prevents escalating costs associated with prolonged disputes. It's not just about efficiency—it's about control and predictability.

But the protocol is just part of the story. Our platform complements the protocol by providing essential tools, data, and insights that foster efficient and collaborative work. The result is a comprehensive solution focused on a shared objective: resolving claims swiftly and effectively. With Nuvalaw, you're not just managing claims—you're transforming the way they're resolved.

Our process is your competitive advantage

For claims teams, our platform simplifies the resolution process by making all actions happen in one centralised location, greatly reducing the time and resources typically required to navigate the resolution process. Whether on the platform, or through integration with yours, this efficiency allows teams to focus on what truly matters: providing excellent service and achieving fair outcomes.

Our streamlined process reduces overhead costs, while the data and insights generated by our platform support informed decision-making and better planning and resource allocation. In essence, Nuvalaw's system transforms claims resolution from a potential pain point into a strategic advantage.

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